Living off the Grid

So we live in a yurt, off the grid. Technically off the “powerline grid”; however, not quite off the “petroleum grid”. It’s a solid yurt, beautiful cedar in and out, 31 feet in diameter inside. My partner Eric built this yurt 2 and a half years ago on the San Juan Ridge about 23 miles from Nevada City, California. It’s a beautiful space: organic, warm, open, and big enough for our needs. (Our 12-year old, Jasper, has his own room – a smaller yurt right next to ours.)

This “sustainability” blog will present my experience living off the grid: how we get water, heat, power; how much (or actually, how little) water and power we use, and many other topics. (I write a blog in my head a couple times a day!) My Master’s degree is in Environmental Studies with an interest in community stability and community sustainability so this new lifestyle has been an eye-opening experience. And although it took a minute to get used to the added chores and challenges, it is an absolutely wonderful way to live.

Commitment:: Just do it!

As we approach the end of 2010 and the beginning of a new calendar year, how about making a commitment to better living through a healthy lifestyle and diet? A commitment to living a little “closer to the land”, eating and buying locally when possible?  A commitment to challenging yourself intellectually and physically every day?

Research a Community Supported Agriculture farm near you, and sign up for the spring season. You’ll be helping a small, local, organic, family farm make it in this corporate-farmed world, while learning about different fruits and veggies that provide the nutrition and prana our bodies need.

Grab a Sudoku or other puzzle book, and stretch your mind each day. Wake up and stretch your body a little, too – take a yoga class, or call me and I’ll help you devise a quick little morning routine that gets the blood flowing, and helps you sit a little taller at your desk all day. Just pick something… and do it!