Ayurveda: Yoga as a Way of Life:: 2012!!

Ayurveda: Yoga as a Way of Life

Kalani Oceanside Retreat, Big Island, Hawaii

February 12-18, 2012

(12/5/11) At this time, there are only six lodge spaces left, so please send me a message if you are planning to attend!)

Once again, Prana Veda Yoga and Ayurveda is offering the 5-day Ayurvedic lifestyle immersion workshop at Kalani Oceanside Retreat! This year I have a new workshop co-leader, Kim Kinjo! Kim and I worked together at the California College of Ayurveda where she was our supervisor during internship, and a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist on staff. We’re working hard to make this year’s event a beautiful experience for all participants.

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Have you ever…

…wished for better health: balanced digestion, sound sleep, less anxiety, or more energy?

…wondered about a simple, holistic way of being?

…wanted to “go deeper” into your yoga practice, take it off the mat and into your daily life, but just didn’t know what that meant?

If so, join Kim and Shakti for a five day lifestyle immersion into Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the ancient, healing, sister-science of Yoga. Ayurveda is living in harmony with your environment.  Ayurveda is living in balance…

Like two sides of the same coin, Yoga and Ayurveda are inseparable. While Yoga generally emphasizes postures and breathwork, Ayurveda provides specific, individualized guidelines for your daily life. Together, they promote healing, health, and the foundation for personal transformation.

In February 2012, we will spend six days at Kalani Oceanside Retreat, a fabulous yoga retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii. The workshop will truly be an immersion in learning… and living Ayurveda.

We’ll wake to meditation and gentle stretching, spend the morning in creative hands-on Ayurvedic cooking and nutrition classes, and spend the afternoon learning the principles of Ayurveda and how to achieve and maintain physical well-being and emotional balance.

With three amazing fresh cooked meals and two all-level asana classes per day, free time exploring the natural diversity of this incredible island paradise, and sleeping to the gentle sounds of the rain forest, at the end of the week you will not only be rejuvenated and refreshed, you will have a personalized, practical, daily guide to a return to health and balance.

Our host-location, Kalani Oceanside Retreat was named one of the best coastal yoga retreats by Coastal Living magazine. Bordered by tropical jungle and the Pacific Ocean, Kalani has been a soulful place of refuge and renewal for more than 30 years.

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