Commitment:: Just do it!

As we approach the end of 2010 and the beginning of a new calendar year, how about making a commitment to better living through a healthy lifestyle and diet? A commitment to living a little “closer to the land”, eating and buying locally when possible?  A commitment to challenging yourself intellectually and physically every day?

Research a Community Supported Agriculture farm near you, and sign up for the spring season. You’ll be helping a small, local, organic, family farm make it in this corporate-farmed world, while learning about different fruits and veggies that provide the nutrition and prana our bodies need.

Grab a Sudoku or other puzzle book, and stretch your mind each day. Wake up and stretch your body a little, too – take a yoga class, or call me and I’ll help you devise a quick little morning routine that gets the blood flowing, and helps you sit a little taller at your desk all day. Just pick something… and do it!

One response to “Commitment:: Just do it!”

  1. Thanks for the encouragement! I’m now at day 5 into a good “Master Cleanse” fast and it feels so good! I’ve attempted to fast several times in the past two years and somehow wasn’t able to pull through for the long haul. I love to fast this time of year and 2011 is getting off to a good start. I have a case of lemons and a big bucket of maple syrup to keep me keepin’ on with it.

    When one fasts, the food cravings change from stuff that’s not so good to stuff that’s super good for the body, ie: live foods. At least that’s how I’ve experienced it and am experiencing this right now! The taste buds start to crave for water rich foods, etc.

    My next step will be to seek out a CSA for when the fast is over. There are a ton of Amish folks in the area here as well. 99.9% of them are very old school Amish so the produce is super clean. They are struggling here in Michigan, so I’d like to support them They can no longer sell produce to the grocery stores on account of a newly created law that disallows produce to go to regular markets if it’s cultivated in a farm situation which involves horse drawn plows. We call 5 mile “Amish Alley”, because most that live on this road are Amish and they all have little cute wooden produce stands at the end of their driveway!

    Anyways, this ended up being a long comment, lol. Thanks for the Commitment pep talk! <3