Featured activities during the February 2011 “Ayurveda: Yoga as a Way of Life” retreat!

Two months away ~ Time to commit!

We’ve just booked some amazing additions to the February 2011 workshop at Kalani  Oceanside Retreat! These experienced practitioners have been selected to expose participants to some alternative ways of healing, meditation, or relaxation. We’ll have kirtan, watsu, and more. (Read on, it’s ok…)

Monday evening, we’ll begin our gathering with an Opening Ceremony in the Kalani Watsu Pool with Sarah Lynn Joy, as she offers us time to unwind after long travels. (Very simply, Watsu is a blend of water based massage: origin “Water” + “shiatsu“.) We’ll meet each other in warm water surrounded by candlelight and soothed with mystical music, and leave the pool feeling connected and ready to dive in to the workshop the next day. Sarah Lynn resides at Kalani, and she will be available all week for personal Watsu sessions.

We’ll also participate in a joyful evening of Kirtan with Robinette.  Kirtan is a devotional path of Yoga, where we sing traditional Indian mantras helping us to quiet our minds and to feel the love and peace that exists within our hearts. As well as teaching Yoga classes, Robinette has been sharing Kirtan in Hawaii and Canada for many years.

There are other evening events still in the works, so stay tuned. Seriously friends, this retreat is an amazing opportunity. If you are an experienced yogi, this workshop will literally take your practice off the mat and into your daily life to a new, deeper level. But you absolutely don’t have to have ever been to a yoga class, all you need is the desire to understand yourself and the world around you a little better…  A desire to learn how to take your physical and emotional health into your own hands… And the desire to play on the incredible island of Hawaii (!)…

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